• Charles Breach

Term 3 - Week 21 - Mystery Box

We had to do design for this project, a character (a robot character if we wanted to pursue CGI like I did), that we will use in a short animated sequence. The character will then be used in our choice of medium (CGI or stop motion), to react to the contents of a box, which will remain unknown. I created salty, an angry sentient robotic salt grinder.

We had to create a maquette of our character before either creating our proper models, so as to help understand our character better in three dimensions, and gain practice to make this a habit of ours when producing characters. We started first by producing an aluminium wire frame, tying the aluminium wire around each piece where there were joints, and optionally securing it with tape. We then added bulk using aluminium foil, so as to keep the super sculpey from getting too thick when building mass.

My still have some details left to finish sculpting on my maquette, as well as smooth the surface of it bumps.

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