• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 12 - Animated Sketch Book

I have always been fascinated by portraits, unsure now why I don't pursue them as much as I admire them. So I was thankful to be reminded of them in this weeks session, where we made self portraits.

We started first with a 15 minute portrait, I was quite pleased with how I created textures in this first portrait, particularly how I made the hair.

I created this 5 minute portrait with a single pen line. I'm quite fond of single line drawings, and find the outcome usually charmingly stylised.

We then had to draw our self portraits from memory. I haven't displayed all the portraits I did that day, but of them all, I find this one to be both perhaps most accurate, and most appealing. The idea being that after having drawn our faces repeatedly, we should be able to do it from memory, and I was definitely most pleased with the outcome.

This one was a shorter portrait done from memory, not nearly as good as my previous one, with the proportions completely off. I feel this drawing is a good example of the areas I need to improve on overall, that is consistency, and accuracy, as well as perhaps confidence. Although I am totally aware that even the best artists make mistakes now and again.

This again was a shorter portrait from memory. We were encouraged at this point to make them slightly more stylised and cartoony. I feel this particular drawing to quite well fit these parameters, as well as being well executed.

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