• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 17 - Digital 3D Jump

I unfortunately was not present for this brief, but I attempted the character jumps none the less. I tried to stray from creating a robotic jump, that incorporated anticipation, and ease in and out, which took some consideration with the first jump's nature of being linear and stationary, and the characters robotic figure. But I think I managed to create some realistic movement, that could perhaps be refined with more experience using the program. I also added some secondary movement with the giggle of the glasses, which I was pleased with.

I created the second jump using stepped animation, as I found it quite challenging to create a realistic jump using the other settings. Again I think I managed to utilise principles like ease in, ease out, and anticipation and carry through quite effectively. I think to improve on this animation I'd have to add more frames in to make it smoother and convey the characters movement more clearly.

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