• Charles Breach

term 2 - Week 16 - Digital 3D Ball Bounce

Again, I was very excited to start work in CGI. I feel perhaps between stop motion and CGI, where I still believe stop motion is very powerful in creating unique and stylised products, CGI has a lot of potential, and I think of the two Digital 3D may be my preferred path if it came down to picking between the two, however if I could pursue, and perhaps combine both in my work, that would be preferable.

Our first task had us again back at the basics with the ball bounce. Our task had us create a deteriorating bounce for an average small bouncy ball, a football, and a balloon. We have in previous exercises applied different masses, tensions and resistances to an average circle and create how we believe this would affect its bounce. But this exercise changed the concept of the ball bounce exercise slightly by creating the different objects next to one another to see how they would compare, and I think this helped in the creating realistic effects, seeing the balloon bounce next to the bouncy ball and football for comparison. I couldn't quite create how I feel the football would bounce, and i think perhaps this might be because of a lack of squash and stretch, making the ball look more solid and rubbery.

The second task had us launch a ball at a wall, and have the ball bounce away, and the wall fall over. I was very happy with the results, which came about with much tinkering and playing with the dynamics of each. I managed to get the ball to roll upon impact with the wall, and get the wall to follow through in a believable way. The ball stops a little too suddenly I think, and needs to roll a little further whilst slowing down.

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