• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 14 - Bouncing Ball Exercise

I had been looking forward to stop motion, I'm unsure as to whether it's something I want to pursue specifically in my animation career, but I definitely respect the process of creating a stop motion animation, which I find results in something usually elegantly unique.

Our first stop motion project had us go back to basics with the bouncing ball exercise. My first attempt was quite the mess, the timing left us with too much distance between where the ball started and where it ended, and me and my partner felt perhaps it best we leave it where it was and come back to it later possibly using editing software.

The second attempt went much better. I shaped the rig to be a little easier to control, and the final product had much better timing and spacing. The ball doesn't quite hang for as long as I'd like in retrospect, and this makes it look quite robotic.

The final optional task we had for this brief was to put another object or thing in the animation interacting with the ball. I created a small cat like creature that would bounce on top of the ball. I think I managed to create much better timing in the movement of the ball this time, and made the overall interaction between the ball and the cat creature quite believable. I think with the removal of the rigs in post, it'll be quite a good short.

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