• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 13 - Flour Sack

As ever, I have trouble deciding what my characters should do when presented with an endless well of choice such as that provided by this brief. I decided eventually I would make the flour sack walk up to a sword and then attempt to pull it from the ground. I find the concept of a walking flour sack amusing, and wanted to make the animation a little more dynamic and interesting presented with no limit to the number of frames we had to work to so made the flour sack walk up to the sword. The sack then grabs the sword, and upon attempting to remove it from the ground, breaks the sword in two, falling backwards with the sudden release of energy.

I think perhaps I could have made the anticipation of the sword grabbing and pulling on the sword last a little longer, conveying perhaps more of the struggle it would be to remove the sword. This would then allow the viewer more time to consider what might ensue. I am however pleased with the arc the sack creates when falling over, as well as the stretch of the sack preceding this, again this would be made better with a longer pause on the stretch. I am also pleased with the added secondary action of the tassels at the corner of the sack falling with the change of position. I think the animation would also benefit some changes to timing and the addition extra frames to make it smoother.

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