• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 18 - Expression Change

I wanted to make my character change from bold and confident, to slow and conserved. I planned to make it seem as if my character injured their back in some way as a result of their confident strides, and for this to slow down their pace.

It took me a couple redoes to create an animation I was happy with. The initial large strides I think turned out quite well, and the pause upon injuring their self as a contrast to this. The final slower walking motion I think looks jittery and slightly robotic. As a result of the nature of the models, moving the limbs in smaller motions is quite difficult, and for this reason I think I was unable to produce the cramped movements in a realistic fashion, where this worked okay for the initial larger motion. I think perhaps given time I would be able to improve on the second expression, but I left that where it was for the time being.

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