• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 17 - Animated Sketch Book - Panorama

=I discussed my original Ideas of an city evolving with time, and an alien attack, with my tutor. Regarding the original evolving city idea, where I felt the only reasonable progression would be that for the better, he reminded me that it could perhaps result in disaster, where instead of prosperity, the city fell into chaos.

I combined this idea of a humanity falling into chaos AND an alien attack, to create a panorama depicting a barren land, which eventually evolves into one populated by humans. When these humans reach a stage possibly slightly after the present, aliens attack and destroy everything, leading back to a barren land, the idea being it could be cyclic, insinuating this could happen over and over by joining at the two ends.

My first print out had each page printed on individual pages, which i felt looked rather ugly to be blunt.

In a spur of experimentation, I changed the hue of the image, to create one of completely abstract colour. I think I enjoy this hue change more than the original image, but wanted to include both in the final panorama.

I printed both out on a single scroll, and stuck them together back to back, the effect of which I quite enjoy. I played around with lighting to see how this would effect the presentation of the panorama. I thought it quite interesting how the different hues of light would project different silhouettes from the inside image onto the outward image, adding depth to the picture.

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