• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 12 - Silhouette brief

We were tasked with making a realistically proportioned human silhouette change from one emotion to another, using performance to convey this change. First we had to observe three videos for reference.

This animation is quite dynamic, changing the line of action, making it switch directions with each emotion. The silhouette of the character creates a clear depiction of the characters actions, enabling for an easy distinction between the different stages.

This character's change I find quite humorous. It goes through 3 different changes of action and emotion within a short amount of time. Similar to the previous example, I think this character's silhouette creates a clear depiction of its action. The initial subordinate nature as it leaves the boss's room in its low tilted, steady, and quick closing of the door, clearly leaving facing the boss, as if it were watching a predator, daring not leave its back open to attack. The second changes the character from a more fluid nature to a rigid, straight pose, as he drops the papers in anger and takes a more grounded stance. The third change has the character go back to the quick, low, and inferior nature.

This character's line of action is initially quite straight, upright, and confident. The silhouette is given lots of bounce, demonstrating further the confident nature. Upon noticing the dropped teddy bear. The line of action changes drastically, becoming curved and low. The character's confident strides the become shallow and quick, in embarrassment.

I intend for my character to appear confident, then change quickly to a state of shock, and finally a sort of relief after what has shocked them passes. This rough animation has the character standing confidently, arms crossed and chest out, with an straight and tall line of action. The character then quickly crouches down in anticipation of the following jump backwards, arms flailing in front of its face for protection. The character then bends of, an arm on its chest, and one dangling in relief. My concern with the 45 degree view of the character is that the silhouette will mask a lot of the arm movement, so I attempted to make the changes in action quite exaggerated.

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