• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 15 - Animated Sketch Book - Panorama

These were some rough examples of ideas for the panorama project. My very first concept that I could not put down was a city growing from nothing, into the present, and then into the possible future. This idea however was already adopted by many others, so I felt perhaps I should change it a bit, and use instead this idea of displaying the change of time as a base for another larger idea.

I felt perhaps I should incorporate more my love for sci-fi into the work, and created a brand new rough panorama displaying what first was a fairly bog standard view of Norwich, which the devolves into an attack by aliens.

The second new rough idea which I didn't follow through with would have an alien touring Norwich. I felt it would be a good idea to include Norwich in this project, as it was a resource of inspiration I had available to me all the time, and would be able to reference where I wanted.

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