• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 12 - Morph Task

I used a couple of the original drawings as templates for the objects in the actual animation, as I was quite fond of the shapes I had already created. I created the rough animation using pose to pose, starting with the template drawings. I played around with different colour combinations, and decided I preferred a blue background, with the object pink, and the shadows/details yellow.

I am overall quite pleased with my morph animation. the flagrant colour scheme provided for us eliminates an element of accuracy relative to the original colour of the objects we chose, and creates a kind of freedom, allowing for an easier transition between the two objects, rather than having to perhaps switch between colours. I tried to make the transition from the boat to the balloon fluid and natural. To do this I made the boat fold up into a cube, which then transformed into the round shape of the balloon. I concealed this transformation in a rotating motion, which I believe makes the transition look more fluid by distracting from the actual physical transformation, as well as makes the overall image more interesting to look at it with the added motion. The transition from the balloon back to the boat has the balloon take on a visage similar suggestive of Pennywise's motif, which then liquefies back into the boat. I am less pleased with this action, which looks perhaps a little rushed in an attempt to make it look like it was disintegrating. I think this could be fixed while retaining that disintegrating effect. I am quite happy with the appearance of the visage before it melts, and enjoy the way it creeps into the balloon, indicative of the movie from which the inspiration was taken. The most challenging part of creating this animation was trying to make the string attached to the balloon appear and fall in natural manner. I had trouble finding and footage to refer to that would assist in creating this affect. It took a couple attempts to get it right, and I still believe it not to be quite what I want yet, but I feel I eventually was able to create something that was able to fall as if there was air resistance slowing its decent, but not so slow that it would not be able to catch up before the next transition whilst retaining a believable quality.

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