• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 10 - Morph Task

I was also pleased with our first briefing, the morph task, part of our principles project. The goal being to have two objects of our choice from a movie of our choice morph between one another in any way we wanted. The only stipulations being it had to be between 50-75 frames, at 25 fps, and a defined colour scheme. I initially went for some iconic 'The Matrix' paraphernalia, but I eventually decided on the paper boat, and balloon from 'It'. I felt these would be simple to create, yet I could employ some interesting transitions between the two based on their form. The only stipulation that it had to be between 50-75 frames, at 25 fps, and a defined colour scheme, which is of course no problem.

I began the project looking at morph works by other artists for inspiration. I quite enjoyed the fluid transitions, where the object comes almost mass-less.

I wanted to employ the fluid type transition between the balloon transforming back into the boat, having the balloon transform briefly into something resembling pennywise's creepy facade, before undergoing the fluid change. I had my own idea for how the boat would initially transform into the balloon, through folding up into itself before warping into a balloon shape.

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