• Charles Breach

Term 2 - Week 11 - Animated Sketch Book

(a short warm up exercise, I created the first panel in the top right corner, and others added to it in an nontraditional anti clockwise fashion)

The animated sketch book brief requires us, as the name would imply, to produce a sketch book of numerous drawings, specifically with observation and idea creation in mind. We were introduced on our first day to numerous methods for idea generation. The first method had us create a diagram with a specific idea in mind. I chose in this instance to revolve my diagram around plants. We then had to combine these thoughts to produce a concept we could work with. I have used this method in the past, and found it rather effective. I enjoy as well trying to break away from the restraints we place on ourselves when generating ideas, writing down instead everything we can think of and learning that no idea is necessarily a bad idea when it comes to developing ideas. I in this case however managed to stay terribly uninspired, managing a single combination of the words: Flavour, life, and coffee to produce the small rollicking coffee mug.

We next were reintroduced to a concept previously shown to us, that is doodle searching. I think this method has to be my favourite of those we were shown. We created ink splotches, with emphasis we do so quickly, without thinking too much about the process of applying the ink to the paper, then searched for images within these splotches that we could emphasise with the addition of our own pen lines. I find the inherent haphazardness of this method the best way for me of producing original concepts that I could later expand on.

We then shown the daily diary method, where took things that occurred to us throughout the day, no matter how small and minuscule, and created a short 4 panel comic about it. I felt it was an interesting method, but I didn't particularly find for myself the concept of creating these comics the best source of inspiration and idea generation, as I'm quite drawn to the fantastical, I'd rather find these concepts through ink blotches and the sort, although I don't doubt the ability of these comics in the creation of similar ideas, it has been easier for me to do so in my preferred methods.

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