• Charles Breach

Week 5 - Character Research

Considering my character's complexion as a pig, and this week's topic of discussion in our session, that is anthropomorphism, I took to contemplate how I could apply this to my character, and why he was given this visage. Marco is an example of in fact, not anthropomorphism, but instead Zoomorphism, the complete reverse. Pig's have always been a symbol of greed, gluttony, selfishness, and the rest of a long list of negative adjectives. Marco does demonstrate some of these aspects, with an initial quite unequal outlook on the sexes. Whilst the sole reason for his transformation isn't probably solely his sexist nature, the proverb "sexist pig" seems very applicable to his character. Considering the strong emphasis on equality and third wave feminism during the production of this film, could this be something to discuss in context with the film?

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