• Charles Breach

Week 7 - Dynamics

This week focused on a sort of culmination of all our dynamics work, in which we would create a short 50-75 frame sequence emphasising some of the principles we had learned. After discussing a couple of my initial ideas in a group, I decided I would display someone throwing an object, as shown in my 2nd storyboard idea.

I went to look for references of individuals throwing objects, and in doing so, came across Eadweard Muybridges sequence of someone swinging a bat, a similar swinging motion to throwing, and I decided I would alter my idea to this action, which I deemed more interesting than a simple throwing action.

I created a rough outline of each key frame using Eadward Muybridge's photographs, to isolate the main shapes of the body in each step.

I then drew side by side the frames of the character that I would be using and the initial rough outlines. I then added a longer pull back and follow through, and added the inbetweens. I'm quite pleased with the main swinging action, however the timing of some of the smaller actions seem a little off, such as the follow through, where the character seems to pause before following through. The drawback is also a slightly weird and disproportionate movement, that gives the character a rubber hose animation feel.

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