• Charles Breach

Week 4 - Dynamics

This week focused on the principles of impact and reaction, that actions require energy, and that objects will often change form to accommodate this gathering of power before the action. Similarly, when something is on the receiving end of an action, or more specifically has to slow down or stop an action, the object will change form to absorb the energy. A simple example of such a concept would be a jump, where a character must prepare for a jump by compressing their body, and similarly when landing, must compress their body to absorb the energy.

Whilst fairly happy with my jumping action, I feel there are couple areas to be improved upon. The character's initial compression has their arms flick forward to quickly in an unnatural manner. I believe to fix this problem would require starting the arm retraction sooner, as the actual jump isn't too badly timed, simply their arms move to quick. The character also seems to jump further than would be possible with the manner in which the character initially contorts, and the character seems to glide a bit before landing. The character also doesn't seem to react appropriately at landing, not compressing enough in response to the high energy jump.

I am pleased with the consistency of my character's figure, as well as the characters movement, which whilst exaggerated in some cases, and downplayed in others, seems to be for the most part accurate to what that character can actually accomplish.

Eadweard Muybridge is ever a good reference to make when researching movement, I found looking at sequences of images he takes of people in motion helps abundantly with deciphering realistic movement. They display shifts of weight as well as where the energy of motion is stored, helping to accurately transfer similar aspects to my own drawings.

It has also been helpful to watch videos of people high jumping, whilst not directly applicable to the jump sequence I have animated, it is interesting none the less to study how energy is transferred in actions such as these.

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