• Charles Breach

Week 4 - Character Design

We started our character design with some quick exercises, emphasis on this being just one of the many processes we could take in conceiving our characters, to each their own. We first drew faces over ink blots, trying to be loose and quick with our creations, we wanted to have a comfortable range of possibilities. We then focused on body shape, and using 3 basic shapes: a circles, squares, and triangles, in any combination we could conceive in the time period, we created a selection of body types. We then created silhouettes combining the faces found in the inkblots and the body structures we'd just made. We then drew a rough idea we had of our character. After a short break, we returned, tasked with 1 minute drawings of everyone else's character, changing and manipulating their form however we wished. We then picked a few of our favourites from the variation of our character's returned to us, and developed a final character from our favourite aspects of all our work.

I quite enjoyed the ink blot method, and chose to redo this in the creation of a couple new characters for our next session. The ink blots provide a very rapid and varied result in character that I find quite satisfying and creatively relieving to work with.

I chose to stick to my initial character design from the previous week for this session, although I quite enjoy the other two characters I had created and will definitely preserve them for possible future use. Creating a 3D version of our character was again quite enjoyable, as well as informative. Although I felt I had a fair grasp of how my character was shaped, there were aspects I hadn't considered, such as behind the ears, and seeing the character in a volumetric state such as this almost changed the character, where before my character was very loose in it's 2D form, this version had gained mass, and was restricted, but this had changed how I saw the character's core characteristics and mannerisms.

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