• Charles Breach

Week 3 - Dynamics

This week had us practising walk cycles. We quickly covered the basic concept of a walk cycle, physically demonstrating how individuals actually walk, and how to go about creating one. This covered the different stages at which we initially draw our character for a pose to pose method. I was fairly pleased with my resultant cycle, whilst I wasn't entirely "feeling it" that day, and my drawing was sloppy, the motion the legs take seems to be more or less accurate and realistic, at least to a standard a cartoon is expected to walk. The arms could have done with different spacing. Having the arms slow down perhaps at each extreme just a little more, and instead of being at a constant angle, could stretch and contract a little more, making them look slightly wavy and more natural than their present rigid nature.

I filmed the walk cycle at home rather than using the line tester's at uni, which proved difficult and created perhaps a less favourable end product, at this point I haven't re filmed the walk cycle, but I'm deeply considering it, this time using a line tester

Below is a test GIF I made on my phone, which I used to take the images. I wanted to see if the images were aligned properly before putting it into a more tasking software.

I made the below video in premiere pro. which seems to have resulted in creating a very jittery film. I fairly certain this is a result of using premiere pro rather than perhaps dragon frame, as the above GIF image seems to be moving relatively smoothly.

I re-filmed the walk cycle using the line testers and dragon frame, the result was a lot smoother in all respects.

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