• Charles Breach

Week 1 - Character Research

Tasked with considering possible character's for our resultant essay, I was initially very unsure as to possible avenues for this project, mindful of who I could discuss with regards to movement whilst informing how the zeitgeist and technological aspects influenced their creation. After much some light research into the few characters I felt would make an interesting topic, I had narrowed down my ideas to:

- Marco Pagot, from: Porco Rosso

- Eris The Goddess Of Chaos, from: Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Eris, from a movement and visual standpoint, makes a brilliant subject matter. Her form and motions change in response to her state of mind, if you could say an omnipotent being has a traditional mind in which to have state that we can fully comprehend. Beside the point; Eris's form and movement changes drastically throughout the film, and becomes a big part of her character. Sinbad as a film is also quite experimental, bringing together computer generated backgrounds and creatures with hand drawn characters in a way that DreamWorks hadn't seemed to have done before (and whilst I have yet to make certain, is likely the reason the film was one of DreamWorks biggest flops, almost bankrupting the company). I am slightly unsure however as to how I can talk about Eris in context, and finding information relating her character to the real world is proving challenging. Whilst perhaps there is something out there about that would make Eris a good topic in this regard, it might prove more feasible, and simply more interesting to discuss another character.

I deem Marco a good candidate, as the year of the release of Porco Rosso (1992) almost certainly contained topics that influenced it's creation, notably, this was the year that 'third-wave feminism' was coined the term for the movement responding and building on the failures of second-wave feminism. I believe Porco Rosso was indeed produced with this concept in mind, evident in Marco's character arc. The topic also has links to his visual appearance, with the project in mind, this makes Marco a wealth of academic conversation.

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