• Charles Breach

Week 1 - Dynamics

The week began with a session in dynamics, discussing the movement of a pendulum. Whilst perhaps a basic notion for some, the topic of the pendulum covers some of the most fundamental concepts required for creating animation, such as some of 12 principles of animation like ease in/ ease out, this perhaps being the most applicable principle with regards to the following work.

We experimented in groups with creating believable inertia:

Later that week, we individually worked with creating our own pendulums. First creating a sort of paradigm, measuring out the different frames for the pendulum, then testing this with a real coin and string, before drawing out each frame on f12 using a peg bar to keep the framing consistent:

I was very pleased with the end result, as the acceleration and motion of the pendulum feels to be quite believable.

Our final experiment with pendulums had us interupt the swing of the pendulum in some way. I chose for the string to become caught on an invisible object. The swing timing feels slightly unrealistic, but I'm pleased with the motion the pendulum takes once influenced by the invisible object. I could have taken more care with my lines, which resulted in flashes of small abnormalities appearing on the string and ball.

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